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Twitter Changing Design and Layout for New Tweets Featured Social Media 

Twitter Changing Design and Layout for New Tweets

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Twitter has been experimenting these past few days, and now they are tinkering with the tweet composer.

A few days ago the first word of users experiencing new layouts started hitting the grape vines, and it didn’t take long before the official Twitter team came out with a confirmation, that yes, they were testing things, and no, nothing was broken.

This change is but one of many designed to improve the user experience, and instead of having to go into a separate composing screen, you can now write your tweet directly from the timeline. Why it took so long for them to realize this would save many combined hours of work by the huge number of users the tweeting service boasts, we don’t know.

If you’ve ever tweeted from your local desktop or laptop, you will notice a much more similar feel on the app, the seamless integration sort of already existed on the big devices, but now Twitter’s UX team has come up with a non-invasive, easy-to-use solution to the small screens. Good job!


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