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SpaceX to Mars – What’s the Status? Featured Science 

SpaceX to Mars – What’s the Status?

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For thousands of years, mankind must have dreamed of going to the moon. How many thoughts must not have gone to that special place we can see so clearly from down on the surface of our planet? What wonders have ancient cultures believed would exist on that moon so bright at night? 


Now of course, we’ve been there, done that. The dreaming and planning currently taking place are upping the ante by headin for Mars.  Many years have been passed since humans first started dreaming of a reality of multiple planets dominated by mankind, perhaps we are closer than you might think.

The SpaceX to Mars is a mission to go to Mars, ultimately set in action by CEO Elon Musk, a man who wants to beat  NASA at their own game. With commercial success and a huge net worth, he might even have a shot. However, it is certain that he and his crew have a lot of hard work and long night ahead, before he can dream of making it happen.

So when will we get there?

The CEO of the SpaceX has an approximate year to launch the falcon 9. He wants it to take place in the year 2024 and expects to reach the Mars by 2025. It will be a little tough to say it as surely as NASA has estimated the year 2040 as their launching year for Mars. Still if SpaceX to Mars becomes successful, it will be great.

Why are we going there?

SpaceX has plans to send people to the red planet. But as you can see the last year launch of Falcon 9 to the space station with some goods was a huge failure. It blew up after a few minutes after taking off. After so many failures the rocket stage at the drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Since they have not made any human carrying test for this long time, it is not sure whether they will be able to send human to Mars or not. The Crew carrying version of Dragon 2 is still under structural load testing.

Problems with space travel

Cosmic Radiation at space is a serious problem what Musk has to deal with. This is another problem which hindering the astronauts to start their journey t Mars. The radiation is the main reason that the astronauts face health issues at the space.

Status update

They own a wide area of McGregor in Texas where all the engines are tested before attaching to a rocket before every flight. They are practicing launching the Falcon 9 and staging it successfully. It is happening more successfully than before. Recently they have sent the JCSAT-16 to the geostationary transfer orbit and captured the view to ensure the placement of it. They have also launched the Falcon Dragon and observed a stable orbiting at the space.

Musk has decided to go over all the flaws but it needs time to be successful. He has to take the risk to come out of the failure. But the accident from the last year makes the crew more conscious about the safety. To make an affordable and profitable journey to Mars, he has to ensure the safety of the human life. Otherwise, human transformation is not as easy as to transform material stuff. Know more about the SpaceX to Mars here.


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