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Bitcoin Explosion on the Japanese Market Bitcoin Featured 

Bitcoin Explosion on the Japanese Market

During the first half of 2016, the Japanese Bitcoin Transaction Values has grown by more than 50 times it size compared to the same period in 2015. The first six months this year saw trade grow to an impressive 430 billion yen ( ~$4.3 billion.) According to Nikkei, the surge has to do with Japan’s own currency. During the UK referendum, the YEN/USD market appreciated the Japanese currency by almost 20 per cent, where it has been stabilizing and ranging in tight bands ever since, the trading pair has thus become less attractive, while…

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Nissan On Gasoline Engine Breakthrough: Diesel Obsolete Featured Technology 

Nissan On Gasoline Engine Breakthrough: Diesel Obsolete

Nissan Motor Company has announced a new type of gasoline engine that uses new technology so successful that it might make some of the most advanced diesel engines on today’s market obsolete. According to the engineers at Nissan, the variable combustion method they are applying will make the rate of combustion controllable to such a degree that it will become possible to choose the optimal settings at any given time. This is important because of the principles behind the combustion engine, like all things in life, there are ultimately 2 choices,…

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Bitcoin No Longer Labeled Public Danger by Russia Featured News 

Bitcoin No Longer Labeled Public Danger by Russia

Back in February 2016, reports floated around on Russian based websites that the Russian Government was considering criminalizing bitcoin users in the large nation. Sure enough, a few days later, the notice got real. Since then and now, the wheels have been turning in Russia – and Moscow in particular – lawmakers, politicians and perhaps even Putin himself, have been involved with first saying that “Bitcoin is dangerous,” calling the currency for “surrogate money,” and hinting to the possibility of the cryptocurrency being able to compete with the countrys own currency, rubels….

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PlayStation 4.5 “Neo” Rumors and Updates Featured Gadgets 

PlayStation 4.5 “Neo” Rumors and Updates

The PlayStation NEO (or PS4.5 as some have taken to calling it) is an entirely one of a kind monster. Mid-era console equipment revives are just the same old thing new. The principal PlayStation had the PSOne invigorate, and both the PS2 and PS3 had thin forms that turned out two or three years after the underlying console. The PS4.5 is somewhat not quite the same as what we’ve found before. Rather than simply thinning down the console and perhaps utilizing some more power-proficient segments, Sony is making some significant…

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Twitter Changing Design and Layout for New Tweets Featured Social Media 

Twitter Changing Design and Layout for New Tweets

Twitter has been experimenting these past few days, and now they are tinkering with the tweet composer. A few days ago the first word of users experiencing new layouts started hitting the grape vines, and it didn’t take long before the official Twitter team came out with a confirmation, that yes, they were testing things, and no, nothing was broken. This change is but one of many designed to improve the user experience, and instead of having to go into a separate composing screen, you can now write your tweet…

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SpaceX to Mars – What’s the Status? Featured Science 

SpaceX to Mars – What’s the Status?

For thousands of years, mankind must have dreamed of going to the moon. How many thoughts must not have gone to that special place we can see so clearly from down on the surface of our planet? What wonders have ancient cultures believed would exist on that moon so bright at night?  Now of course, we’ve been there, done that. The dreaming and planning currently taking place are upping the ante by headin for Mars.  Many years have been passed since humans first started dreaming of a reality of multiple…

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